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Catch my interview on American Radio Station @RealTalkone0one Tonight by 2am (West African Time)

Hello Friends! I’ll be live on air tonight via this link by 2am (West African Time) for my Exclusive interview on Californian radio station @RealTalkone0one radio. If you’re awake, please tune in and listen live as my songs will be premiered live tonight in California and will be exposed to thousands of American listeners. Thanks for supporting my music, you guys make it all worth it #TeamHypha



Lord open up my Red Sea
Let the rod that I carry not deceive me
Let the power that I yield not be-wield me
Let the power in your blood purify my impurities
Mysticism mixed with the rhythm
The prayers of a sinner can never go unforgiven
Cynicism; my horoscope in a prism
Am trapped between lines; eternity and fidelity
Inferiority complex, a stern test
My ammunition is priceless, regardless
BE YOUR SELF .. Don’t be afraid
To be yourself in this age of Aquarius
Peter Piper picked a lot of pickled pepper
P_Hypha, am picking up endorsements
Drinking up and flawsing, sleeping but still walking
Keeping my dreams alive safe-guarding imagination.


This video is in support of THE RED CROSS and UNICEF for their efforts towards African children. Composed by MUSIC UNITES AFRICA’S GLOBAL MUSIC AMBASSADOR “P_HYPHA”, i hope this song inspires all of us to help reshape the future of Africa and Africans. Enjoy this touching video/audio and follow @P_Hypha on twitter .. #TeamHypha

R E D E M P T I O N (inexplicit lyrics) by @P_Hypha


Born broken into different pieces

The gate’s wide open, no one to receive us

Deceived all our lives, we thought it was Jesus

We were serving, turned out they called it religion

Acknowledgement for my accomplishments

Devil on my shoulder, can I shoulder him

Starring at my future through this cauldron

All I can see is the reflection of a rising Sun

Incarceration of emancipation

Freedom isn’t given, it is taken

Prepared for the worse though we praying

Praying that we make it out this hell-hole of a nation

My whole life, I fell to stand tall

And even through the night, I did not fall

Victim to the streets

In the belly of the beast

With the beast

And the rising of the Dajjal

I’m an atheist believing GOD

For a second chance hoping that I make the call

I see my brothers fall victims to the fame ‘n all

But I don’t wanna lose my soul ‘cos am phenomenal . . .




Redeem us,


. . .



Dark clouds on a sunny day

I pray the wind takes the rain and the pain away

I wish that I could go in-to my mum again

And come out the same way I came out, Born Again

Born to WIN, born to Reign

Born to LEAD, born to be Supreme

Born to be everything I was meant to be

But in reality I still struggle with technicalities

And technically, I’m a troubled man

Basically, I’m typically a humble man

Hard to understand, easy to comprehend

But in the end, will I make it into the Promised Land?

I don’t know, and that sh!t scares me . . .






Redeem us,


. . .



I can see the light shining over me

I can see the light shining over me . . .




Redeem us,


. . .


Here’s my new single titled “REDEMPTION” .. Download, listen, enjoy and share #TeamHypha


redemption official
This song was inspired by the hope of a better Africa for a greater generation of rising Africans in this new era and decade. Directed and produced by P_Hypha, the Global Music Ambassador for MUSIC UNITES AFRICA (a pan-african organization of growing musical artistes, Sports men and young vibrant Entrepreneurs who believe in a United and soon to be reformed Africa). #TeamHypha


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Flying Fishes

Life is not a bed of roses nor a picture full of poses
Life is opium, a drug that enhances and yet addicts the addict
Life is not a party where we can dance the night away
Nor a bawl where we could ball till we fall
Life is a brawl, a battle of wits and of integrity
A war of morality and immorality
A fight between mortality and immortality
Life is a jigsaw puzzle
It comes with riddles and fables
Speculations who’s foundations are unstable
And ideologies that use the truth to broadcast a broader lie
Life is a catalyst
A substance thrown into an al-chemical reaction that brings about change but remains unchanged itself
Life is a paradox, a paradigm of pandemonia and inhumane humans
Life .. The oxymoron of opportunities
Existence is in itself an experience of unlimited opportunities
A manifestation of the infestation of the human specie
Life is a pyramid of choices
A mountain of challenges
And a fountain full of springs
Be a featured part of this article by quickly telling us in the comment box below what you think life is in your own artistic view or tweet about it by hashtagging (#) your tweets with #PoetryinMotion



the mata wey no just concern me for FUTA and this

Following his recent successes with the release of his 18_track mixtape project “MEMOIRS OF A KING” hosted by London’s finest Deejay, DJ SWIFTS, P_Hypha’s ending 2012 with a BIG BANG! His debut musical video “MY TESTIMONY” drops a few hours to the new year and how ironic as his song epitomizes the euphemism of the phrase TESTIMONY. Enjoy this video and be inspired to inspire.


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[Music Video] My Testimony

Happy New Year to all my fans. 2012 was an incredible year for me and #TeamHypha. We were able to accomplish a whole lot including the successful release and global acceptance of my 2nd mixtape project titled “MEMOIRS OF A KING” which premiered on my 24th birthday. 2012 made me realise who my real friends and fans really are. i just want to use this medium to appreciate all my loyal supporters and well wishers who stuck with me through a difficult and demanding year. 2013 promises to be a new era for #TeamHypha and with the release of my debut music video, the manifestations have already begun. Please click on the links below to view and download my video:




Happy New Year!! God bless you!!

Little Pulse

Don’t bother making resolutions you know you won’t keep, just stay true to yourself this year and don’t let anyone bring you down as you chase your dreams! X

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